News from Aligned Healthcare Chiropractic Clinic

news from Aligned Healthcare Chiropractic Clinic

Aligned Healthcare offer Chiropractic treatment and acupuncture for all types of back pain, neck pain, joint pain and muscle pain.

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Achieve wellbeing for you and your family

Chiropractic can help you and your family to not only feel your best but also to achieve a real feeling of wellbeing. Wellbeing is a state of optimal physical, social and mental health. You can enaure body the best chance of achieving this through regular chiropractic care. Be the best you can be!

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Can chiropractic help knee pain?

Can chiropractic help knee pain? Everyone knows that back pain affects up to 6 million people every year but did you know that a third of all GP visits in the UK are as a result of knee pain? The fact that knee pain is so common

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Chiropractor for a frozen shoulder

Are you looking for a chiropractor for a frozen shoulder? Chiropractic therapy for frozen shoulder can produce the results you need and resolve your frozen shoulder. Our staff will evaluate your baseline range of motion and pain level to develop a plan tailored to you. Coupled with

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Do you suffer from hunched back & ‘text neck’?

No one wants a hunched back – have you checked your posture lately? When hunching over a computer, your head may tend to lean forward, which can lead to poor posture. Using a mobile can cause similar problems dubbed “text neck”. This is becoming so common, it’s

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Shoulder Pain and Chiropractic

Chiropractic Treatment For Shoulder Pain Shoulder pain is a very common complaint in our chiropractic practice. It will affect almost half of us at some point in our lives and the causes can be one of many. Chiropractic treatment can help in the treatment whatever the cause.

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New Year, New Exercise Regime?

After an indulgent festive holiday period many of us make a New Year resolution to ‘get fitter and eat healthier’ with a new exercise regime. Sound familiar? Many of us will take out a gym membership to get motivated and kick start our new exercise regime. As

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Thinking about a skiing holiday? Think about your spine.

It’s that time of year again when our thoughts start turning towards the winter sports holidays. What we sometimes forget is that skiing is physically very demanding with special emphasis on the spine. Although it is mainly the lower abdominals and core muscles that are used to

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Working at a computer?

Modern day living means that many more of us are spending large parts of our day using a computer. Whatever our stage of life, we all need our screens for work, play and keeping in touch with our friends and relatives whether by email or on social

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Chiropractic Treatment for Joint Pain

Chiropractic Treatment for Joint Pain Most of us will actually suffer from some sort of joint pain at one point or another in our lives. Many people just grin and bear it but really it’s not something that we have to live with. If you’re currently coping

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Chiropractic treatment for Neck Pain

Neck pain is very common. Most people will neck pain at some time during their lives. Quite often, it starts suddenly and gets better fairly quickly, without needing treatment. However, in some instances, neck pain can be painful and debilitating, and some people find it comes back

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